Episode 9 Highlights : Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2


Episode 9 Highlights : Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2


It’s Day 8 in the Bigg Boss house. Before leaving, Sanjana dropped Bigg Bomb on Babu Gogineni that was he has to serve water for everyone in the house. If someone breaks the rule, the Bigg Bomb will be continued by that particular ontestant.

Babu Gogineni was personally happy with the Bigg Bomb and the gesture shown by Bigg Boss. In the morning, Nuthan Naidu accidentally broke the rule and the Bigg Bomb is now shifted on to him. As a new week started for the housemates, everyone started discussing the nominations. The housemates are trying to form groups yet again.

As Samrat is the captain of the house, he is in the protection zone. At the same time, he was given the power to nominate a person directly. Bigg Boss called two individuals at a time and took the names for the nominations.

2nd Week Nominations:

1.Deepthi Sunaina
2.Nuthan Naidu
5.Babu Gogineni

The new contestant Nandini Rai entered the house.

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